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Welcome to your home chapter – browse and join an upcoming Asana event below! Asana events are online and in-person events organized and hosted by individual community members and/or the team at Asana. No upcoming Asana events in your hometown? No problem! Easily join an online community event from across the world.

Meet your Asana Together Cape Town Event Leader: Paul Grobler 🌍

Paul is an instant human, just add coffee and good conversation. He started using Asana over 7 years ago while kickstarting many ventures. Now he shares what he has learned with individuals and teams. This ranges from how to be more productive and get more out of online productivity tools like Asana and G Suite to be a better human being. As an Asana Certified Pro, he also authored a chapter of the unofficial guide to Asana teams called “Secrets Of Successful Teams In Asana”.

Working better together is a global movement, and you’re part of it. Our Asana Together community program connects customers and experts around the world to teach, learn, and achieve more—together. Join us!

Asana helps teams orchestrate their work— from daily tasks to cross-functional strategic initiatives—while providing the alignment needed to hit their goals faster. As a living system of clarity for the entire organization, Asana helps bridge the gap between strategy and execution to ensure teams are focused on their company’s most important work, no matter where they’re located. Asana and the Asana logo are trademarks of Asana, Inc.

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Pretoria Asana Meetup

Training/Workshop In-Person

What's next 2020: Getting clarity on what you should do next. (Pretoria)

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