Product Deep Dive: Understanding Asana and Jira Integration (SEA & ANZ)

May 25, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 AM

Hosted by AsanaLearning Talk

About this event

Fasten your tool belts and get ready to supercharge your work. During this event you'll learn how to connect Asana with some of your team's favorite tools during our upcoming Asana Together Connect event series.

For this special event, we're excited to be joined by Shannon Tjang, Solutions Engineer at Asana, for a crash-course in getting the most out of the Jira integration with Asana. Shannon will share live about:

  • The problems you can solve by connecting Jira and Asana
  • How to set up the Jira integration with Asana
  • Valuable use cases where Jira and Asana are used together
  • Their tips and tricks for getting the most out of the integration

Space is limited so RSVP to join us today!

To check out all of the applications Asana connects with, visit

This event is part of the Asana Together Connect series through Asana's community program. Learn more about how you can become an Asana Ambassador and join thousands of other customers trading tips and insights and getting behind-the-scenes access to Asana at

This session will be hosted live in Australian Eastern Standard Time, and is ideal for participants in Asia and the Pacific to join. If you're an Ambassador outside this timezone, a recording will be available on Asanaverse.

Thursday, 25 May at 10:30am Delhi | 1pm Singapore, Manila and Perth | 3pm Sydney | 5pm Auckland


  • Shannon Tjang


    Solutions Engineer


  • Jessica Erhart


    APAC Community Manager