Asana + Microsoft: 4 insights into the role of IT and the future of work

Aug 27, 2020, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

About this event

In the last five months, we’ve seen several years of digital transformation, but it hasn’t looked the same in every industry or company. Join Mike Ammerlaam, Director at Microsoft 365 Ecosystem Marketing, and Lili Rachowin, Product Lead at Asana, as they share their insights about how IT has responded to the challenges of supporting, enabling, and leading their businesses in 2020. In our conversation, we’ll cover:

  • Lessons from the last quarter of IT initiatives
  • Insights into building resilient and agile businesses
  • The social and cultural implications of accelerated digital transformation
  • What investments organizations are making to prepare for the year ahead

Following our panel discussion, Asana and Microsoft will also offer a live demo on how organizations can leverage their two platforms to manage distributed teams, execute complex projects, and report on company-wide goals—all without ever stepping foot in an office.