Work Management Pain Points & How To Overcome Them

Feb 27, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

An open discussion/learning talk about work management & common pain points associated with project + work management in the workplace.

Hosted by CommunityLearning TalkTraining

About this event

Asana comes out with an annual Anatomy of Work Index report on how people spend their time at work, what influences their habits, project/work management pain points, and more.

Studies have shown that the average knowledge worker devotes 61% of their time to “work about work”—which are activities such as communicating about tasks, hunting down documents, sitting in status meetings, and managing shifting priorities.

- As a result, we spend less than 40% of our time on our actual current and future work.

- 27% of the time is dedicated to the skilled craft that employees have been trained and hired to do.

- 13% of the time is dedicated to strategic planning and forward-looking analysis.

We think it’s important to try to shift these percentages to eliminate a lot of the “work about work” that’s so common.

Asana’s Anatomy of Work report also discusses other pain points that companies and organizations have dealt with after having to transition to remote work. During this presentation, we’re going to talk about what is work management & common work management pain points, and productivity barriers in the workplace. For the solopreneurs, don’t worry, we will also discuss work management pain points related to you as well.

We’ll have an open discussion after the presentation to discuss attendees' project & work management pain points and come up with solutions on how to solve them. 


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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


Welcome + Introductions
Work Management Presentation Begins
Q + A With Shawnee & Open Discussion With Attendees
Closing Remarks + Share Resources
Event ends


  • Shawnee Leonard

    Shawnee Leonard Consulting

    Founder + Creative Director