You, employees of a company using Asana : ask me ANYTHING (on Asana πŸ˜‰) !

Sep 27, 2022, 3:30 – 4:30 PM

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About this event

Hi all ! I am Bastien, the passionate and french expert of Asana ! My team (iDO) and I already helped more than 250 companies with our advices, more than 15k thanks to our tools and more than 30k Asana users on the forum ! The 27th of September at 08:30am Los Angeles time* I will be there to answer all your questions about Asana in a business context.

* (11:30am NYC - 04:30pm London - 05:30pm Paris)

So... You are working in a company using Asana ? And you have question about Asana in order to improve its use and make your daily working life easier ? This is the appointment you need !

The principle is simple: You ask, I answer !

These may be very general questions (for example how to manage and monitor your projects within Asana?) as well as very targeted questions related to your business and a specific issue / problematic (for example how to organize your recruitment process on Asana?).

Keep in mind that your questions today can help other people tomorrow, so go ahead

Register now to the event so you don’t risk missing it.

I expect you many, talk to you soon!



  • Bastien Siebman


    Co-founder & Asana consultant


  • Julien RENAUD

    iDO Asana Solutions Partner