Intro to Asana

Nov 29, 2021, 4:00 – 4:30 PM

Ready to level-up your life? Get to know your new tech-stack star, Asana.

Hosted by CommunityTraining

About this event

Time to end all that "work about work."

If you're experiencing tech-trauma and ready for a solution that will both alleviate your pain-points (see below) and play nice with your existing tech, this free course is for you.

Our "intro to Asana" course is designed for those who are looking for a solution but haven't decided if Asana is it yet. This 30 minute event will offer you an overview of the platform and a live Q&A with Asana Certified Professional, Jacque McHugh, CEO of the marketing agency Branding Bear.

Asana is for you if you find yourself wondering about your work:

  • Did I forget anything?
  • Where do I start?
  • When is everything due?
  • How do I gain clarity on this work?

Asana is for you if you find yourself wondering about the work you are waiting on from others:

  • Did they see my request?
  • Are they aware of the deadline?
  • Is the ball in my court or theirs?
  • Is everything on track?

If this is you, register now and let's figure it out together.

Please come to class with an Asana account already setup. If you really want to see the magic of Asana, we strongly encourage you to click here for our affiliate link and upgrade to either Premium or Business. You're invited to try these premium features completely free for 30 days. If you decide the free version is all you need, you can downgrade or cancel before your trial is over - no strings attached! 

Please also have your own pain-points and a list of the tech you're currently using for reference.

This is a course for curious newbies, if you're past this point and ready to jump-start your new, organized and peaceful life with Asana - tap the back button on your browser and search for our virtual "Asana Boot Camp" course - or one of our other options.

This is an interactive experience, so seats are limited - but we will offer this class on a regular schedule, so you can always click that back button and grab the next one. 

Want to learn more, have questions or want to customize a training experience for your team? The bear is there! Reach out today.
(Oh, and we're also an award-winning digital marketing agency, if you need one.... and everybody needs one!)

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Using our affiliate link lets Asana know that our Mama Bear and Certified Pro is doing awesome work, spreading the word and teaching you all about the platform. If you stay on a premium plan we get a little monetary credit for it - but it doesn't cost you anything. Thanks for supporting our 100% woman-owned, small family business! We appreciate you!


  • Jacque McHugh (She/Her/Hers) Asana Certified Pro

    Branding Bear LLC



  • Jacque McHugh

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