The Asana Way of Change

Oct 3, 2022, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Gather your team for this interactive workshop designed to manage change, ease adoption and get setup for future success.

Hosted by Asana PartnerTraining

About this event

Ready to roll out Asana for your company?

This virtual team workshop is for you!

Did you know that 70% of change programs fail—largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support? Without proper planning, trying to implement organizational change can lead to chaos, confusion, and reduced company velocity. Instead, you need to roll changes out carefully to make the transition as seamless as possible. Implementing a process that addresses these common roadblocks will lead to less wasted resources and a better chance of successful adoption. That's where the Asana Way of Change comes in.

Your facilitator, Asana certified services partner, Jacque Hubbs, will take you through the proven change management strategy developed by Asana for successful adoption of the platform. At each stage you'll break out into your own private Zoom room with your team to discuss, execute, define and plan for your Asana implementation success.

This Hands-On Workshop is Only $59 per person—with a minimum of two people per organization (groups of 4-20 are recommended). Seats are limited and we will close registration early when it fills—don't wait, register now!

Together with your team, you'll:

  • Define Your "Why"
  • Discover Your "Now"
  • Design Your First Workflow

Then make plans to:

  • Enable Your Team and Celebrate Wins
  • Setup and Rollout Company-Wide Adoption to Ensure Future Success
  • Measure and Expand Use

Who should attend?

Gather your "Adoption Alliance," otherwise known as your proxy team, in addition to any primary stakeholders from each department.

You'll need:

  • Convention setter(s): These are essentially workplace influencers. Your convention setter(s) will help you define how you’ll implement this major change across the company. They'll be able to master the platform and answer questions team members have along the way.
  • Awareness builder(s): These are members of your company’s leadership team. Your awareness builders may not be as close to the change being implemented, but they’ll be the voice of support. The awareness builder should communicate your “why statement” in order to increase team buy-in.
  • Product Advocate(s): These are individual contributors or early adopters who are excited to help build momentum for this change.

What do I need to bring?

  • An existing Asana account, upgraded to Business—this workshop utilizes advanced features. Click here to upgrade FREE for 30 days on us.
  • A foundational understanding of the Asana platform. If you're not familiar with Asana yet, please consider attending our Asana Boot Camp course first for a jump-start (or refresh) on the platform's structure and features.
  • Your teammates, as noted above.
  • The existing procedure you'd like to use to create your first workflow. If you're not familiar with Asana Workflows, please consider attending our Asana Workflows course.
  • An understanding of the company-wide conventions you'll implement for success. If you haven't already established them, please consider attending our Company Convention Setting course.

This Hands-On Workshop is Only $59 per person. Seats are limited, register now!

Following the course you'll get the presentation deck—complete with guides, links and videos that recap everything we learn together.

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Asana Partner and Branding Bear agency owner, Jacque Hubbs, will be your trainer. Customized Asana setup, training and facilitation of your change management and convention setting available. Contact us for more information:

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*We will reschedule classes that don't have a minimum of four attendees. We get that plans change, we don't offer refunds, but definitely allow you to choose another class time/date if your plans change and you can't attend.


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