Instagram Live: Building a better future for the Black community

Feb 18, 2021, 8:30 – 9:00 PM

About this event

This year for Black History Month, we reflect on the Black experience with the theme, Celebrate & Connect our Community: Asana’s Diaspora – Past, Present, Future. We’re inspired by the impactful work of our customer Hack the Hood, who is trying to reimagine racial justice as a path for joy in our communities. By framing Black History Month as Black Futures Month, we are learning from our past to build an organizational legacy that will continue to have a generational impact in Oakland, the Bay Area, and nationally.

We are thrilled to bring Hack the Hood's Executive Director, Tiffany Shumate, to our Instagram (@asana) for a live conversation with our own Fred Mathieu. They'll discuss:

  • How Hack the Hood is honoring Black History Month with #BlackDataMatters
  • The role community plays in everyone having pathways to success
  • How Tiffany's team uses Asana to support their racial justice work
  • What we can all do to support creating a better, more equitable future

About Tiffany Shumate

Tiffany is an educator, strategist, and leader whose mission is to use business and technology to design systems and career pathways that are accessible to people who identify as women and non-binary, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, people of color, and the communities that serve these groups. As Executive Director of Hack the Hood, she leads a passionate team who is committed to implementing rigorous, project-based curricula relevant to the communities they serve.

About Hack the Hood

Since 2013, Hack the Hood has connected young people of color and local small businesses through technology, in order to create opportunities for all the people who live in the Bay Area, and beyond, to take part in and lead the change that is happening around them.


  • Tiffany Shumate

    Hack the Hood

    Executive Director

  • Fred Mathieu


    Talent Acquisition Partner