How to test & adapt Asana to your company culture without wasting time and money?

Thu, Dec 1, 10:00 AM (UTC)

Webinar for managers of teams with 100+ members, seeking the answer to the question: :Can Asana help us overcome work challenges and get customized to our workflow?

Hosted by an Asana Partner
Learning Talk

About this event

What will you learn from this FREE training?

  • What workflow & communication challenges do teams like yours face, and how can you solve them with Asana in 23’?
  • How to structure your projects & keep control over the progress, without getting lost in overloaded information?
  • What are the top 10 Asana use cases for increasing overall efficiency & amount of deadlines hit on time?
  • How to approach Asana tests in a proven, step-by-step methodology and how free gifts from Asana & Remote Sensei can help you with that?
  • How to present Asana to other team members and avoid hasty rejection?

And much, much more...


  • Jack Kryszkiewicz

    Remote Sensei

    Strategist & co-founder